Tips on Live Streaming

I do a show every Saturday at 10:30 AM ET at

It's the same time every week so my audience knows when and where to find me. It never changes. If I don't feel good, the show must go on.

If you are just starting out and you think you will field questions and interact with your audience you may need to remember you don't have an audience (yet) and only a very small percentage of your listeners will show up to listen live.

The benefit of live streaming is the instant feedback you get when people show up. You can get feedback in podcasting, but you have to wait for it. This is instant.

Many people shy away from doing anything live due to the fear of messing up in front of an audience. Keep in mind these are your fans and they don't care if you stumble. They are the people rooting for you. When you do stumble, you're human and they may love you even more and find you more relatable.

Video of Vince Gill at George Jones Funeral

Podcast – Livestream – DO BOTH

I use Streamyard to live stream to YouTube (you can go to a number of places) and use a portable recorder like a Zoom H6 to record out of your USB Device like a Focusrite 2i2. I currently use the Rodecaster Pro ($599) which is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to record and stream at the same time.

So Remember:

You don't have an audience when you start.

You need to live stream at the same time so your audience knows when to show up.

If you are adding sound and music it makes it more technically challenging.

Your audience doesn't judge you if you stumble. They like that you are human.

I love streamyard for streaming

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