Why Podcast?

Listen to the Benefits of Podcasting From Actual Podcasters

US Podcasting Statistics

US Listeners Who Have Listened
155 Million 55%
US Monthly Listeners
104 Millions 37%
US Weekly Listeners
68 Million 24%

Not Having a Podcast in 2019 is Like Not Having a Fax Machine in 1989

  • Over 50 Billion podcasts have been download (and that's just Apple) since 2004
  • 48 Million People Listen to podcast on a weekly basis in the US (averaging 7)
  • 86% of listeners consume all or most of the episode
  • You can get started by spending less than an Xbox
  • More people listen to podcasts in their car than Satellite Radio
  • Podcast Revenue jumped 86% from 2016 to 2017 to a total of $314 Million
  • Get your message out to a Global Audience
  • Develop and Build a Community
  • Boost sales of your business while strengthening customer relationships
  • Be Seen as an Expert

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