How to Get Booked on Podcasts as a Guest

Here is what people do to me:

Hello (no name),

I love your show (which one I have several).

Here are a few paragraphs about me and why I'm so great.

Here is How to Get Booked on Podcasts:

  • Do your homework and listen to the show to make sure you're a good fit. This benefits everyone as you don't want to waste the time of the podcaster, and you don't want to waste your time appearing on a show that the audience is not a good fit.
  • Connect the dots between your content delivering value and the audience. Make it a “no-brainer” for the podcaster. The less that have to think, “Hmmm, is this is good fit – the better.”
  • It's all about THEM and how THEiR AUDIENCE will benefit. I don't care if you cured cancer. If my show isn't' about cancer, you're not a good fit.
  • Talk about how you will promote your appearance (As podcasters want exposure – and not all guests promote their appearance). Again, this is all about them.
  • Don't send four attachments showing how great you are. Keep it short, simple, and offer to send more information if they are interested, but you want to explain how THEY are going to benefit, and how THEIR AUDIENCE is going to benefit. You can always add a line like, “If you'd like my full one sheet I can send it over.” (A one sheet has your bio and an overview of your expertise).

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