Don’t Starve Your Audience

Do you use phrases like this?

Before we get to ______

Without further adu

I don't want to delay any further

The Thin Line Between Teasing and Annoying

It's one thing to take a quick 30-60 second tangent. It's a completely different issue when your tangents go on and on and the listener starts to wonder if you're ever coming back to the topic.

Whatever the title of the episode is, people have tuned in to hear you talk about that subject.

True Story

I listened to the episode where the host did a FABULOUS job of introducing their guest. I really wanted to hear what their guest had to say. Then they said the dreaded words, “Before we get t0__” and then they spent a lot of time talking about a webinar she was having. This went on for about three minutes. Then when she finally got done rambling on about her webinar, I was ready her them to get to their guest (finally), but they didn't do that.

Instead, they read a review that someone had put into Apple podcasts. Do you know who enjoys hearing those reviews? The host. The audience doesn't care. They might be happy if people leave a nice review, but the review does nothing to benefit their lives like the information that should be coming out of your guest's head.

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