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Your Podcast is A Recipe Not a Statue


There are times when we can overthink things. You always want to do your best and get input from your target audience. You want to know what they want. 

There may be decisions that just you just can't come to a conclusion.

You could do more research if you want, but in some cases, you just have to make a decision and if it doesn't work out, then try something else. 

I often say your podcast is a recipe and not a statue. I can almost guarantee that your podcast will start in one direction and end up going in a slightly different one that you thought. 

I like bananas. I like peanut butter on bananas. I like Reese's cups which have chocolate and peanut butter combined. However, I never mixed bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate. On paper, it seems like I would like this but there is only ONE way to know and that's to make the recipe and eat it. 

You can guess all day if your audience will like your show, but there is only one way to know and that's to make an episode and let them eat it. Nobody will punch you in the face, and you can change anything that doesn't work. Also keep in mind that when you first start out, you probably don't have much of an audience. 

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