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Your Podcast Description

Your Podcast Description – Who and What

When you are making your podcast description you need to keep two things in mind:

Who is it for?

Is this for guitar players? Is it for people just starting out or for professional musicians? Those are two VERY different audiences.

If its football, is it college and pro? Just the NFL or just a team? Again different audiences. The more niche you go in identifying your audience the more loyal your audience will be.

What to Expect?

Is your podcast an overview or a deep dive? Is it a solo show or conversation? Is it funny, or just the facts? Is it long or shot?

The better the description the better the chance you will get your audience to listen and subscribe. We REALLY want them to subscribe.


I have a three-month coaching program where we can get your show up and running quicking and then fine-tune it as you make more episodes and get feedback from your audience.

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