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Is It Too Late to Start a Podcast?
When people hear I've been podcasting since 2005 they might think they missed the boat. They might think that it's[...]
Your Podcast is A Recipe Not a Statue
  There are times when we can overthink things. You always want to do your best and get input from[...]
Know Your Equipment
If you look at other people in entertainment:MusiciansActorsAthletesThey all have some sort of "pre-seasons, or "Dress Rehearsal" to work out[...]
How to Measure Podcast Growth via Downloads
As a support person for a podcasting company (Libsyn.com) I have people contact me who are looking at their daily,[...]
The Most Successful Podcasts Do This With Their Ho-Hosts
The best way to have a podcast with multiple people is to get all the cards on the table when[...]
Tips on Choosing a Podcast Co-Host
You may think that your best friend is the obvious choice to be a co-host. However, what if you both[...]
What Link Should I Use to Promote My Podcast
Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media So you want to share to the world that your podcast episode is out[...]
Is it better to do a webinar or a podcast?
I get this question from people this can often stall your efforts. You have a message and you want to[...]
Top Podcast Directories
I'm often confused by this question, someone will come up to me and say, Hey, Dave, there are these different[...]
How Do I Change My Podcast Name and Rebrand My Show
Back on episode 13 I talked about how to choose a name. Today we talk about what happens if you[...]
How To Grow Your Podcast
How Do I Get More Downloads For My Podcast? This is the question I get all the time. People want[...]
What Pages Do You Need On Your Podcast Website?
When it comes to your podcast website ou don't need to overthink your website. The pages you NEED are About[...]
Do I Need a Website for My Podcast?
Why You Need a Podcast Website If you want your audience to take any kind of action, then you need[...]
Money First Leads To Finishing Last
I work for Libsyn.com ( the oldest, largest podcast media hosting company - get a free month using the coupon[...]
Naming Your Podcast Can Triple Your Numbers
Having the right name for your show can boost your downloads. People try to get cute and use inside jokes[...]
What Makes a Good Podcast?
I see this question in different places. My show is getting X amount of downloads is that good? What Makes[...]
9 Strategies to Help You Get on Other Podcasts
As a podcast, there are a few strategies to grow your audience. One is to be interviewed on another podcast. Why[...]
Don't Start Podcasting Yet
Some people think I make these up, but this is straight from a Facebook Group Hi everyone I’m not yet[...]
Understanding Podcast Syndication
One thing that I see confuse more new podcasters is RSS and syndication. Let's say you are a radio station and[...]
How Do I Pick My Podcast Topic?
If you're having a hard time picking your podcast topic, don't move forward with equipment until you figure out your[...]
What Podcast Media Host Should I Use?
When it comes to creating a podcast you need to use a podcast media host. A web host may advertise[...]
I Hate the Sound of My Own Voice!
I have had had many people tell me I hate the sound of my own voice! This is natural as[...]
Starter Podcast Microphones
When it comes to starting a microphone you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a single microphone. Some[...]
The ONE Question EVERY Podcaster Needs To Answer
The one question you need to answer when starting a podcast is WHAT are you going to give up. EVERYONE[...]
Why Should I Start a Podcast
Have you ever wondered if you should start a podcast? I've asked my audience and clients this question, "Because of[...]
How Long Should My Podcast Be?
People ask me, "How Long Should My Podcast Be?" What is the ideal podcast length? For a while, everyone wanted[...]
Podcasting For People Who Are Afraid of Technology
You might be thinking, "Technology and I are not friends." I hear this all of the time from clients, "But[...]