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F*ck it – Why Not?

Dannty Elfman is a very successful composer with four oscar nominations under his belt. He has a masterclass and shares some great insights for anyone who is creative.

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Turn Your Stuff Into a Podcast

You have a pile of audio and you want to turn it into a podcast. GREAT! Don't overthink it. Today we talk about what you need to start

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Podcast Launch Strategies

In the past, musicians would have a CD release party. They would not pick the date for the party until they had the CD in their hands. So many...

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Why Ex-DJ's Should Start a Podcast

Today I play a portion of a conversation I had with Erik K Johnson who is the Podcast Talent Coach, as well as a co-host with me on the...

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Does Anyone Listen to Podcasts?

155 million people in the US have listened to a podcast (55%) 104 million listen monthly 68 million listen weekly The average listener subscribes to Six podcasts. Podcasting is...

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Podcast Artwork Not Appearing in Apple Podcasts App

Artwork in Apple podcasts is confusing. There are two views, and two types of artwork. Throw on top of that, two results based on if you are subscribed.

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Playing Music in Your Podcast

You grew up listening to a song and you would LOVE to play it in your podcast. Can you do that?

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Everyone Gets a Microphone

When you are recording multiple people in the room you need to make sure everyone gets their own microphone.

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Creating 10 Magic Words

In Monday's School of Podcasting, I have Eric Nuzum who is the author of Make Noise A Creators Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling. One of the exercises...

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