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How Long Does it Take to Grow a Podcast Audience

How Long Does it Take to Grow Your Podcast Audience

I can handle this topic a couple of different ways. I could tell you what you want to hear and say you can grow your audience in about six weeks (and a lot of you would take out your credit card). You might go to,  and say, “Let's do one of those sessions you're always talking about helping me start my podcast, I'm ready to go.”

Did I Say Six Weeks? I Meant THREE YEARS

The podcasters I interviewed for my book coming out this year took three years to be able to “quit their day job.”

Nobody wants to hear that. You would rather pay someone $7000 to have them say “Just follow your passion and the money will follow” and then sell you all sorts of equipment you don't need (but they earn commission on).

A New Year With the Same Question

I have people contacting me asking “What is the best topic to do a podcast about that will have me making money quickly.” It takes time. Think of actors, athletes, musicians. Just because I pick up a guitar doesn't entitle me to make money quickly because Garth Brooks does. It takes time, dedication, luck, and talent.

Two Things Every Podcast Has When They Start

I could tell you I will make you a millionaire, but I have no control over that. I can point you in the direction and tell you best practices, but to say “I can make you a millionaire in six months” is just not true. As a podcaster you start with the same two things that every other podcaster starts with:

No listeners


It's up to you grow your show and keep your integrity. Without it you'll never sell a product.

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