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Getting Your Podcast Guests to Share Your Show

You notice that none of your quests that you interview on your podcast are sharing their interview. There is a reason for that. The interview you did was very similar to the other interviews they have done in the past and their audience has already heard their story and the same old same old questions.

It Needs to Be Different

If you want your guest so share the episode with their audience it has to hold the attention of your audience, but it also has to hold the attention of their audience. It can't be the same questions they get asked over and over again.

Make It Simple To Share

Then make it easy to share. Don't send them a link and say “Its live.” Pre-write the tweet, the email, the Facebook post so all they have to do is copy and paste.

There is a website call clicked to tweet that you pre-write the tweet and all you guest has to do is provide a link you get.

Social Warfare is a great WordPress Plugin that makes sure that the right images is used social mentions.

If you need to make artwork, Stencil is a great tool to use to make great looking artwork with lots of templates to choose from.

Click to Tweet is a tool where you can pre-write a tweet and all your guest has to do is click on it and it writes the tweet, and all they need to do is click send.

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