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Don't Podcast Yet

Don’t Start Podcasting Yet

Some people think I make these up, but this is straight from a Facebook Group

Hi everyone
I’m not yet on the podcast system but I’m soooo eager to start. I’ve bought a $70 microphone. Everyone recommends and have a MacBook Pro with GarageBand ready to rumble but…
Blank page
I have no niche
No passion to talk about
I did not find my “why” or “AHA” moment

Did you face something similar?
I’m a bit lost, I mean I have everything to start, I’m in the IT world, I’m not an expert but I know stuff and get unstuck on every situation in the IT ecosystem but other than that….

Help please

Your Podcast Starts With Your Idea

If you can' state your why you will never make it through the “how.” I see where they are sooooo eager, and that's great but don't let your emotions get the best of you. I once had someone who had spent THOUSANDS of dollars on podcasting equipment and soundproofing, and lights and cameras. They hired me for a consulting call. What did they need help with? They had no idea what to podcast about. Don't make that mistake.

If you need help picking a topic, I can help with that. If you have zero ideas, that is a whole other problem. Reach out if you need some help

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