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Is it Too Late to Start a Podcast

Is It Too Late to Start a Podcast?

When people hear I've been podcasting since 2005 they might think they missed the boat. They might think that it's too late to start a podcast in 2020. It's not. Here is why:

Every January There are Diet Books

Every year billions are spent trying to get healthy. In 2019 the trend was the “no diet” diet.

Every year more movies are made, and there are basically SEVEN storylines (that are used over and over)

Every year new Christian books are written, but the bible stays the same

There are new actors, new musicians, new artists, and yet people move to LA, Nashville, etc trying to “make it big”

Compared to Other Media Outlets Podcasting is Small

For every (roughly) 2000 blogs there is one podcast. There are TONS of content uploaded to YouTube (and yet people still startup YouTube channels).

According to Edison research were are only at 51% of Americans listening to at least one episode of a podcast. The room for growth is HUGE.

Jump In With A Plan For Your Podcast

I like to sample random podcast and I'm not making this up. I listened to a podcast where they were going to review old movies. The one host brought up the movie and asked, “Have you ever seen this movie?” and the other host said, “No.” THEN WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT.

Don't mistake for any old conversation as a podcast. Yes, people like to hear an interview seem more natural, but TRUST ME that interviewer has a reason they brought on that guest, and they have a handful of questions ready to ask.

Build Influence and Your Network at the Same Time

Some people can't decide if they should do a solo show, or an interview show (or a show with a co-host). Do them all. I do a solo show here, but I could also interview people if I wanted. When I interview people I expand my network. When I do a solo show, I strengthen my relationship with my audience. I boost my influence.

It's Not Too Late

I won't lie, it might've been a little easier to stand out a few years ago, but the audience size it getting bigger and bigger so you might feel you have a smaller piece of the pie. If the pie is getting bigger so is that smaller piece. If you get a single piece of a small pizza, and later get a single piece of a large pizza you are getting more pizza. As the size of the podcasting audience grows, so will your piece of the podcast pie.

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Be interviewed on Podcast

9 Strategies to Help You Get on Other Podcasts

As a podcast, there are a few strategies to grow your audience. One is to be interviewed on another podcast. Why is this strategy so popular? Because you are in front of an audience that already knows how to listen to podcasts. With this in mind, here are some strategies. You will see where these all require a little bit of work.

1. Go to events. Some of my best guests started with a conversation at an event

2. Look for your “competition” and contact them to brainstorm and do a show together or trade interviews.

3. Do your homework. Do they do interviews?

4. Do your homework. Are you a good fit?

5. Do your homework and listen to a show and interact with the host. Most podcasts are asking for feedback, give it to them

6. The podcast host cares about their audience, not our background. How will you bring VALUE to their audience?

7. Use a free service like podcastguests.com 

8. Use a free service like Help a Reporter

9. Journo Requests is similar to Help a Reporter except they use Twitter Sign up or see samples.

Above all else, always deliver value. If you are on a podcast, be the world best guest and promote your appearance so the guest has a good taste in their mouth if someone talks about you.

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Bone Conduction

I Hate the Sound of My Own Voice!

ListeningI have had had many people tell me I hate the sound of my own voice! This is natural as it has to do with science. It's called Bone Conduction.

Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. In other words, there is bass added to your voice through your skull.

Here is a test, talk while putting your fingertips on your forehead. You will feel the vibration. These vibrations add bass to your voice. When you listen only using your ears and not your skull, your voice can sound thin. This can cause some people large amounts of stress. Here is the truth:

Your voice sounds different, but different does NOT equal bad.

The only way to get over it is to just keep recording and get used to it. I just need you to trust me and know you sound fine.

This is just one of the tips I've picked up over my decade of podcasting and I'd love to help you. Go to www.podcastconcultant.com and let's start working together