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Seing your podcast Audience

A Free Strategy to Help You Get a Clear Picture Of Your Podcast Audience

I'm reading the book Make Noise A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling

and in the book author Eric Nuzum has a cool strategy of going to http://images.google.com and typing in some of the keywords that you might use about your subject.

Find some pictures of people and maybe print them out, and then make up their bio. Give them a name. You could have a few people. Then when you are coming up with topics you can look at your makeshift audience members and ask yourself, “Is this person going to find it engaging?”

Oprah Winfrey (you may have heard of her) called her target audience member “Suzie Homemaker” and she would ask herself if the show's topics would help Suzie Homemaker. If nothing good was going to come from a topic then she wouldn't do it.

Write the “back story” of the images you find and when you are working on your show you can look at the images and their story and ask yourself “Would (name of person) find this helpful? Would this make them laugh, cry, think, groan, educate, or entertain them? If so then do it.

This can also help you calm your nerves about talking to “so many people” by focusing on one, two, or three people.

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Knowing Your Audience

Why You NEED to Know Your Audience

I have an extreme situation. My neighbor's mother died today. She was 96 and it wasn't a surprise. Still, as I don't really know my audience I don't know how to react. Do I say

  • Everything is going to be fine?
  • Your mother is now in heaven…
  • You've done hard things before, you've got this!

I don't know what would be the best thing to comfort him in his time of need and it depends on his thoughts, financial situation, and religious beliefs.

When You Know Who Your Audience Is You Know What Content to Provide

When you know who your audience is you know what format, what content, what length your podcast should be.

You can do this using sites like meetup.com, Facebook groups, or look for people on Twitter and Instagram and see what they are talking about (just listen and learn).

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Nervous Podcaster

I’m Nervous About Trying Something New

You are thinking of changing the format or going “outside the box” of your typical topics, and you're nervous.

While it can help to get feedback from other podcasters, or your friends, but the BEST place to get feedback from is your AUDIENCE.

Scott Johnson does the “What was that like” podcast, and he has a private Facebook group where he can interact with his audience to talk to his audience in between episodes. When he thought of doing an episode slightly different than his usual audience, he put a poll in his private Facebook group.

Scott's audience decided they DID want to hear about what it was like to be a lighthouse keeper.

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Live Streaming Tips

Tips on Live Streaming

I do a show every Saturday at 10:30 AM ET at www.askthepodcastcoach.com/live

It's the same time every week so my audience knows when and where to find me. It never changes. If I don't feel good, the show must go on.

If you are just starting out and you think you will field questions and interact with your audience you may need to remember you don't have an audience (yet) and only a very small percentage of your listeners will show up to listen live.

The benefit of live streaming is the instant feedback you get when people show up. You can get feedback in podcasting, but you have to wait for it. This is instant.

Many people shy away from doing anything live due to the fear of messing up in front of an audience. Keep in mind these are your fans and they don't care if you stumble. They are the people rooting for you. When you do stumble, you're human and they may love you even more and find you more relatable.

Video of Vince Gill at George Jones Funeral

Podcast – Livestream – DO BOTH

I use Streamyard to live stream to YouTube (you can go to a number of places) and use a portable recorder like a Zoom H6 to record out of your USB Device like a Focusrite 2i2. I currently use the Rodecaster Pro ($599) which is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to record and stream at the same time.

So Remember:

You don't have an audience when you start.

You need to live stream at the same time so your audience knows when to show up.

If you are adding sound and music it makes it more technically challenging.

Your audience doesn't judge you if you stumble. They like that you are human.

I love streamyard for streaming

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Creating Patreon Rewards

Creating Crowdfunding Rewards

If you're working on crowdfunding, you have to position your rewards in a way so that they are a reward for your audience.

What Do Superfans Want?

Superfans want more content. They love your show and they want more of it. Keep in mind they also want the same level of quality.

Superfans also want to help steer the show. This means if you do Q&A they get their questions answered first. This means if you do a roundtable maybe they get to vote on the topic. In some cases it means they get behind the microphone.

Some superfans simply want to help you create your art and do your show. They realize that it takes time and effort to produce quality content, and they want to enable you to create more of your content.

Keep In Mind the Importance of Value

Some people offer to remove any advertising. This often doesn't' work because if you don't your job right, your advertiser fits your audience.

If you're not sure how to shape a position any rewards for a crowdfunding campaign, create a poll using Google Forms and ask your audience to fill it out. You might have to bribe them with a gift card.

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Making Money with Patreon

How to Make 60,000 a Year Using Patreon

From the Patreon website, you can expect 5% of your audience to join your crowdfunding campaign. The average patronage is $7/month.

If you want to make $60,000 (take home) you need to make $98,192 gross income. This means you need 1169 patrons.

To have 1169 patrons you need 23,379 downloads a month or 5845 downloads a week.

Need help growing your audience? See



The bottom line is if you plan on using sites like Patreon to crowdfund your podcast, don't forget the first steps is to grow your crowd.


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Easy Podcast Content

Getting Your Content Should Be Simple

I had someone ask me about publishing a “preview” of a show and then putting the “full” version of the website (but not have the full version go to Apple, Google, etc). There are tools at Libsyn.com (use the coupon code sopfree for a free month) to help you do this ( File for download only).

In thinking about this, it sounds like you're adding an additional step for your audience to get your episode. That doesn't seem like a good plan. If you want people to go to your website to take an action (like signs up for a newsletter, etc) then give them the FULL version of the podcast, and ask them to your website to sign up for the newsletter (as only the super ENGAGED people will do that – and those are the people you want).

Try to make keep the path between you and your audience as clear as possible.

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Multiple Podcasts

I Want To Start Multiple Podcasts

Podcasts are a lot like children. They take up a lot of time. They're kind of expensive and you learn a lot of insights by having one.

There are times when I run across people who want to launch six podcasts starting next month. In my head (because I'm polite) I say,  “No you don't.”

You want to treat starting a podcast like having a kid. You don't just have six kids. You don't have just three kids.

If you have triplets, what do you do? You need some help and you need help quick. You move to where the grandparents are, because Holy cow, are these things time consuming, messy.

There's also much more that you didn't even consider.

Let's start with one.

Let's start with one.

This way you can see exactly how long it's going to take for you to create an episode.

It Takes an Hour to Create a fifteen Minute Podcast


  • You have to research what you're going to talk about it.
  • You have to record it.
  • You have to edit it.
  • You have to upload it to your media host.
  • You have to write a paragraph (or much more) so Google can find it.

After you've done all that, you find your fifteen-minute podcast took you and hour.

Creating Multiple Podcasts Doesn't Speed Things Up

While having multiple podcasts will make you better ate recording, editing, faster (as doing anything over and over – you get better at it) you need to remember here to think QUALITY over quantity. You want, no you NEED to have VALUE in your episodes. This means you will be in a constant state of discovery and analysis. You will be “on” all the time looking for content. This can be exhausting.

If You Build It Nobody Sees It

With this podcast, I did multiple episodes and had it listed in Apple, Google, etc. I got almost zero downloads. With this in mind, you need more than “Get listed in Apple” as a marketing strategy. This means going where your audience is and really getting to know them, listening to them, and then tell them about your podcast.

Creating a podcast isn't the hard part.

Getting people to listen to your podcast is the hard part.

Start With One

By starting with ONE podcast you get to see first hand what it takes. Then you can make an informed decision. You may have enough time to create one GOOD podcast, and if you had launched multiple shows they would not have been as good (as good content does not grow on trees).

I know you're excited. I know you have dreams.

Trust me.

Start with one.

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Share Your Podcast

Getting Your Podcast Guests to Share Your Show

You notice that none of your quests that you interview on your podcast are sharing their interview. There is a reason for that. The interview you did was very similar to the other interviews they have done in the past and their audience has already heard their story and the same old same old questions.

It Needs to Be Different

If you want your guest so share the episode with their audience it has to hold the attention of your audience, but it also has to hold the attention of their audience. It can't be the same questions they get asked over and over again.

Make It Simple To Share

Then make it easy to share. Don't send them a link and say “Its live.” Pre-write the tweet, the email, the Facebook post so all they have to do is copy and paste.

There is a website call clicked to tweet that you pre-write the tweet and all you guest has to do is provide a link you get.

Social Warfare is a great WordPress Plugin that makes sure that the right images is used social mentions.

If you need to make artwork, Stencil is a great tool to use to make great looking artwork with lots of templates to choose from.

Click to Tweet is a tool where you can pre-write a tweet and all your guest has to do is click on it and it writes the tweet, and all they need to do is click send.

Ask a Question and SHut Up

Ask the Question and Shut Up

In the previous episode, we talk about the importance of listening, to take this one more level deeper in this episode I want to talk about the importance of staying out of the way of the guest. I edit some client's show's and when you do active listening by saying things like, “Uh huh, Mm Hmm” is not needed. It goes against what we feel might be rude (as actively listening shows you are listening to the person).

A Common Mistake with Podcast Interviews

We are not used to awkward pauses. We might even feel like they are “Dead air.” Keep in mind that this is NOT live radio and any unwanted silence can be edited out. When a guest starts to take some time to think about an answer we get nervous and throw out potential answers (making what was a hard answer a multiple choice). The best answers are the answer that requires some thought. Let them think about it, and come up with a great answer.

David Letterman – Ellen Degeneres Example

In this example from My next guest

If you are looking to start and grow your audience, or need some coaching to help you be a better interviewer, I can help with that.

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