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Ask a Question and SHut Up

Ask the Question and Shut Up

In the previous episode, we talk about the importance of listening, to take this one more level deeper in this episode I want to talk about the importance of staying out of the way of the guest. I edit some client's show's and when you do active listening by saying things like, “Uh huh, Mm Hmm” is not needed. It goes against what we feel might be rude (as actively listening shows you are listening to the person).

A Common Mistake with Podcast Interviews

We are not used to awkward pauses. We might even feel like they are “Dead air.” Keep in mind that this is NOT live radio and any unwanted silence can be edited out. When a guest starts to take some time to think about an answer we get nervous and throw out potential answers (making what was a hard answer a multiple choice). The best answers are the answer that requires some thought. Let them think about it, and come up with a great answer.

David Letterman – Ellen Degeneres Example

In this example from My next guest

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