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Seing your podcast Audience

A Free Strategy to Help You Get a Clear Picture Of Your Podcast Audience

I'm reading the book Make Noise A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling

and in the book author Eric Nuzum has a cool strategy of going to http://images.google.com and typing in some of the keywords that you might use about your subject.

Find some pictures of people and maybe print them out, and then make up their bio. Give them a name. You could have a few people. Then when you are coming up with topics you can look at your makeshift audience members and ask yourself, “Is this person going to find it engaging?”

Oprah Winfrey (you may have heard of her) called her target audience member “Suzie Homemaker” and she would ask herself if the show's topics would help Suzie Homemaker. If nothing good was going to come from a topic then she wouldn't do it.

Write the “back story” of the images you find and when you are working on your show you can look at the images and their story and ask yourself “Would (name of person) find this helpful? Would this make them laugh, cry, think, groan, educate, or entertain them? If so then do it.

This can also help you calm your nerves about talking to “so many people” by focusing on one, two, or three people.

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