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Creating Patreon Rewards

Creating Crowdfunding Rewards

If you're working on crowdfunding, you have to position your rewards in a way so that they are a reward for your audience.

What Do Superfans Want?

Superfans want more content. They love your show and they want more of it. Keep in mind they also want the same level of quality.

Superfans also want to help steer the show. This means if you do Q&A they get their questions answered first. This means if you do a roundtable maybe they get to vote on the topic. In some cases it means they get behind the microphone.

Some superfans simply want to help you create your art and do your show. They realize that it takes time and effort to produce quality content, and they want to enable you to create more of your content.

Keep In Mind the Importance of Value

Some people offer to remove any advertising. This often doesn't' work because if you don't your job right, your advertiser fits your audience.

If you're not sure how to shape a position any rewards for a crowdfunding campaign, create a poll using Google Forms and ask your audience to fill it out. You might have to bribe them with a gift card.

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