Does Anyone Listen to Podcasts?

155 million people in the US have listened to a podcast (55%)
104 million listen monthly
68 million listen weekly
The average listener subscribes to Six podcasts.
Podcasting is more popular in the car than Sirius Satelite Radio

Source: The Podcast Consumer 2020 Edison Research

New Podcast Statistics from Edison Research and Triton Digital

Some new data has come out here in March of 2020, as I record this, and in a nutshell, podcasting really came on the scene in 2004. The audience for podcasting has gone up about 2to 5% every year and so came out this year 55% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast.

Now to get a grip on that number that is 155 million people have at least press play once. Now the good news is, that means there's 45% of people who haven't and why that's a good thing is this is only going to go up.

104 million people listen on a monthly basis, and 68 million people listen weekly. If you think about a classroom, that's 20 people, if you think about a small theater, maybe that's 300 people. This is 68 million people.  These numbers just represent America. Edison Research and Triton digital also do studies on Canada and many other countries.

The average podcast listener subscribes to six podcasts, so they're more or less listening to at least one a day.

Podcasting is now more popular in the car than Sirius Satellite Radio and you have to pay for that. Now, let's be honest, we have a long way to go before we pass AM/FM radio. But still, there are a lot of people listening to podcasts and  this number has gone up

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Don't Keep Your Podcast Audience Waiting

With 42 million people listening on a regular basis (and that again is JUST IN THE US, the number is actually bigger) your audience exists in a sea of 42 million people. Statistics show that once a person starts to listen to podcasts, they listen to the radio less, and podcasts more.

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