Do I Need to Add ID3 Tags to My Podcast?

I'm getting people who are obsessing over ID3 tags because of false information that is being presented.

ID3 tags were much more important back in 2005ish. All the portable media players and tools used ID3 tags. 

What is an ID3 Tag?

An ID3 tags is information stored inside your mp3 file. You can't see them, but some (few) apps use this information. 

This (currently) only happens when your file is removed from your feed and is not used by an app. 

EXAMPLE: Someone downloads your file to their computer and is listened to in a tool like Windows Media Player. The episode title, name of the podcast, image, and author are all displayed. 

Think of Tags Like Trees

In the same way that you can learn information about a tree by cutting it down and looking at the rings inside the tree, if you look inside the mp3 file at the ID3 tags you can learn more about it. 

To the best of my knowledge, Google and other search engines are not using this data. Obsessing over this content is a waste of time. 

Tools To Add ID3 Tags

The reason I still add ID3 tags to my files is that it takes almost no time. I use Hindenburg Journalist to add ID3 tags. If you are using Audacity (which does not do a great job) there is a free program called MP3Tag at

It's free, but do consider donating. Another popular one is ID3 Editor which has a great interface and is easy to use. It's $15 


My knee jerk reaction is NO because so much of today's technology ignores them. HOWEVER, in the same way, that apps stop using them (and instead pull the information from your feed), they could just as easily switch back. It takes all of 15 seconds to add them, so add them. Just don't expect them to drive a ton of traffic to your site.

Need Help With Your Podcast?

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