What Link Should I Use to Promote My Podcast

Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media

So you want to share to the world that your podcast episode is out there? You're not sure what link to use.

Should I share a link to Apple?

Should I share a link to Google?

Should I just share a link directly to the mp3 file?

Think of it Like a Podcast Dinner

Well, I want to use the analogy of dinner, you've decided to have a bunch of people over for dinner. And then you say, well, let's see, we can't have burgers, because one person is coming is vegetarian. It's tough to have a one size fits all solution.

The Problem with Some Podcast Links

And here's the problem. If I send you just an apple link,  80% of Europe is using an Android phone. When you send them an apple link, it's kind of like, hey, look, I don't care about you Mr and Mrs. Android user.

Likewise, if I send an Android link then the apple people are left out.

So you need a one size fits all and realize that when you do clothing, that's one size fits all is not the prettiest fit but it works.

Your Website is Your Central Hub

In the end, your website is your central hub, that is your home base. It is where you want people to go because if all these apps and websites blow up, they always know that they can return back to your home base.


There was a website called mp3.com and musicians were actually making a living using mp3.com to the point where they didn't have their own website. And they would just tell people, hey, go to mp3.com/DaveJackson. Well, mp3 dot com, got sold, sued, sold, and sold again and eventually right now it's worthless. And those people that didn't say go to davidjackson.org lost their audience. Go there, and you can find me and I will tell you how to get more music. They lost their entire audience. There were people that used to put all their ducks in a row on my space. Yes,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are all satellite offices should direct people back to your website.

The Best Link To Share Your Podcast on Social

So to get back to the original question, what link do I put in my social media? Put the link that points people to the episode on your website. So when they go there, they'll see a player, they'll see some notes about the episode. And hopefully, they'll see links there to subscribe because, in the end, we want people to subscribe to your show. That way, when you put out a new episode, it automatically goes to their devices. So what link do I put, when I'm sharing on social? The one that's going to work for everybody – the link to your website.

If they're on an Android phone, it works. If they're on an Apple phone, it works. If they're on their desktop, it works. Send your audience to your website which also reinforces your brand.


By using a link to the episode on your website people can click play on your player no matter what device they are using. You can also have subscribe buttons and other calls to action. If you're using Facebook, you can put “the pixel” on their device and start marketing to them. The best link to share on social for your podcast is a link to your website.

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